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The School of Corporate Governance and Public Policy is committed to fulfil its role of a capacity builder and facilitator. The school endeavours to help corporate India deal with issues they face within the organisational governance. The school through its network of highly experienced faculty and industry experts, offers customized solutions to address the gaps in the market and provides expert advice and know-how to organisations .Two basic models of consultancy on offer are:

  • Issue Based Consultancy: The school addresses specific issues and challenges being faced by corporations and directors. These issues may comprise areas such as board evaluation, disclosures, compliances, director’s reports etc. A complete 360 degree support is provided spread across stages such as collection of primary information, drawing of customized frameworks, syncing existing strategies with current frameworks, reports and analysis and possible solutions for way forward.

  • Customized Programmes for Corporations: The school undertakes bespoke trainings for public and private companies, imparting training on issues such as strategy, leadership, soft skills, financial awareness, board oversight. The school houses acclaimed and experienced faculty and also possesses original copy writed content that is perused in such trainings. Participants are provided with knowledge kits comprising relevant study material, literature and other study tools. These trainings are famed to be highly interactive promoting an inclusive learning environment.
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    Certified Corporate Governance Professional(Batch Third). Registration open for June'17- November'17: School of Corporate Governance and Public Policy, IICA.
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