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• The school has created valuable knowledge repository, and promotes exchange of ideas and new perspectives in the realm of corporate governance.
• To enhance and encourage seminal works of contemporary importance in the field of corporate governance, the school conducts annual academic research workshop
• The School is engaged in producing scholarly works that would promote learning and knowledge on corporate governance cutting across disciplines.


Edited Volume on Corporate Governance (published by Oxford University Press) Edited by Prof. Asish Bhattacharyya. The volume incorporate thought papers drawn from both Academia and industry Experts on corporate governance. The range of issues discussed involves issues from the perspective of Principles, Policy and practice of corporate governance in India.

Knowledge Series -1 : Incorporate thought papers from the faculty of the school on the practise oriented issues which a board face.

Theme Based Modules: The school has created a repository of modules authored by own faculty and empanelled experts in various thematic areas of the corporate governance for helping readers refreshing their knowledge of the subject. The knowledge has been created in the area of Corporate Governance – Conceptual Framework, Indian Corporate Sector, Indian Regulatory Environment, International Corporate Governance, Responsible Business, Finance For Non Finance Directors, Corporate Governance Under Companies Act 2013, Upcoming Modules include Responsibility and Liability of Independent Directors, The Role of Board in Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility: Issues and Challenges, Strategy for leading the board, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Performance Management, Governing Family Businesses.

National Research Workshop is an annual event and has been conducted twice in 2014 & 2015 with the idea to provide a platform for academicians and practitioners of Corporate Governance to interact, share and deliberate on scholarly works and discourse with an object to create institutional repository of scholarly works in corporate governance

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Certified Corporate Governance Professional(Batch Third). Registration open for June'17- November'17: School of Corporate Governance and Public Policy, IICA.
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