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NGO-Business Partnerships

There indeed was a time when development and corporate sector functioned in a mutually exclusive fashion. In fact, many a time, they found – and continue to find – each other as an adversary. The changing milieu, however, is encouraging them to come to the same table. The business regulations in India have already created a platform for NGOs to play a part in creating shared value, by recommending the implementation of CSR projects through NGOs and development sector agencies. Businesses are also viewing CSR not only as a means of ‘doing social good’ but also as a means of ‘value creation’.

In this context, it is essential that NGOs understand the CSR landscape in India. The contours of what can be called a new age relationship need to shaped and carved. A partnership that is based on factors as diverse as historical record, thematic priorities, geographic preferences, resource utilization, management information system, financial management and convergence of economic benefits with social returns in the long run, requires deep understanding of either party’s vision and values.

To this end, CSR IA HUB at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), had already organized a series of workshops across India in four zones, a two day ‘CSR Partnership Training Workshop for NGOs and Social Enterprises’, supported by partners.

The objective will progress in phases on ongoing basis ( 1st Phase is over with 200 NGOs in 4 zones with following objectives)

1. Inviting and Organizing capacity building seminars for NGOs interested in partnering with corporations to further projects.

2. Conducting Monitoring & Evaluating for preparedness for empanelment process with IICA.