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Corporate Sector News

  • Missing the wood for the trees

  • I would like to see this law go in long term: Kiran Karnik

  • Industry leaders attend rountable conference on CSR in Delhi

  • Misuse of CSR Funds: PIL in HC Seeks Action Against Ex-Minister Beni Prasad Verma

  • Government panel seeks more CSR flexibility for companies

  • Rosa power incorporates Swacch Bharat Abhiyan in its CSR

  • Mahindra & Mahindra tops CSR list in India even as companies scale up operations

  • 'CSR spend to rise; greater sensitisation needed'

  • BTL, Data, Education & CSR are the Highlights of WPP Chief Sir Martin Sorrell's India Visit

  • Panel suggests going easy on companies not complying with CSR provisions

  • ATC India launches integrated HiWEL Learning Stations, Solar and Sanitation CSR projects in WB

  • The Millennium City all set to become the CSR hub of India

  • Corporate shirking responsibility? Only 14 Nifty cos spent 2% of net gain on CSR in FY15

  • Govt plans to urge companies to up CSR spend

  • Mathew Cherian, CEO Helpage India, talks about problems in CSR

  • Energy sector is the highest spender on CSR

  • Ranjit Singh(Maruti Suzuki) talks about Corporate Social Responsibility (Video)

  • Tata Power Ramps up CSR Programs in its Centenary Year Covering 250 Villages Across 7 States

  • How CSR can make a perceptual difference to a brand

  • Health, education get Gujarat companies' 90% CSR spend

  • CM Naveen Patnaik to confer Think CSR & Think Odisha Leadership Awards 2015 on 14th August, 2015

  • NGOs: The credibility conundrum - IA HUB NEWS

  • CSR: What keeps companies from doing good?

  • CSR norms cover 16,500 companies

  • Tainted BCCI Needs A CSR Agenda Now

  • Ashiana Housing Ltd Conferred with FICCI CSR Award

  • Supreme Court judge defends mandatory CSR provision

  • PM Modi urges India Inc to hire more apprentices

  • Government-appointed panel on CSR to finalise report next month

  • Authorities to launch website to streamline CSR work soon

  • Aditya Birla's CSR empowering women of Sambalpur

  • BRICS U-17 Cup will promote CSR initiatives in India: Vaz

  • Ratan Tata calls for guidelines to monitor spending of CSR by corporates

  • SEED Infotech to Start IICA CSR Training Programs

  • Gujarat govt to help firms use CSR funds

  • Short Term CSR Course on 12-13 June at Lakme Executive Hotel, Pune

  • CII-BSE-IICA create an online platform to pick NGOs for CSR activities

  • ICAI issues norms for CSR accounting by cos

  • Companies' P&L accounts to have separate CSR Expenditure head

  • SBI creates a foundation group to carry out its CSR activities

  • CSR spending: Making the roads safer

  • Corporate Sector must provide renewed impetus to CSR initiatives towards cleanliness, Health and Education, says President

  • CSR, tax laws not favourable for international aid

  • Vedanta Wins Four Awards at India CSR- CHIEF GUEST DR CHATTERJEE

  • IRMA signs MoU with IICA, to train CSR professionals

  • Our idea is to create enabling environment for CSR spending: Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee

  • Digital India to get a CSR boost

  • Ericsson partners with NASSCOM Foundation for CSR initiatives

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