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Mr. A.B. Chakraborty (Chief Sustainability Officer)and Head - CESD

Ashok Baran Chakraborty is currently the ‘Chief Sustainability Officer’ (NFCSR) & Head “Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD)” IICA. After joining IICA on Nov 1st, 2013, he has developed the roadmap of IICA-CESD, conducted 2 MDP’s for the corporate, 1 outside program ,undertaken 3 research studies, introduced CSCS-RR program & executed 1 MOU with industry partner during 2014-15.

Ashok Baran Chakraborty is currently the ‘Chief Sustainability Officer’ (NFCSR) & Head “Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD)” IICA. After joining IICA on Nov 1st, 2013, he has developed the roadmap of IICA-CESD, conducted Two MDP’s for the corporate, One joint program with civil society organization, undertaken three research studies, introduced CSCS-RR program & executed one MOU with industry partner, focusing on waste & water. Before joining IICA Mr Ashok Baran Chakraborty was the Executive Director ONGC & held key positions of Chief- Carbon Management & Sustainability, Chief CSR and Chief HSE (Corporate). He steered ONGC’s policy making, strategy formulation, and program / project development in the area of Sustainable development including climate change. He had overseen high impact CSR projects of ONGC in the focus areas of healthcare, community development etc. He has developed policies, procedures, guidelines, standards & presented papers globally in the above fields. He formed and developed corporate CSR set up. His core specialization includes Sustainability, CSR and Health, Safety & Environment management. He has developed policies on climate change & sustainable development, formed ‘Carbon Management & Sustainability Group, established “Sustainable Development Offices (SDO’s) in all ONGC work centers, steered ONGC in successful development of 12 UNFCCC registered CDM projects.

Mr A B Chakraborty, is BE (Mech), M.Tech (IIT Delhi), MAM (JBIMS Mumbai), MSc (Environmental Science) & holds PG Diplomas in Environmental Mgt & Environmental economics. Mr. Chakraborty has done advance Management Programme at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad with modules attended in US Universities. A Chevening fellow, University of Cambridge, Mr Chakraborty has been conferred a number of prestigious awards in the area of climate change, sustainable development and CSR. He was a Distinguished Lecturer of the Society for petroleum Engineers during 2010 and delivered lectures in Malaysia, Australia & Russia. He is a fellow of the ‘Institute of Engineers’, Chartered engineer, Member- Association of British Scholars & Member SPE

Dr. Rashmi Patnaik – Programme Executive (Sustainability)

Joined IICA’s – "Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD)" on August 29,2016. Before joining IICA, she worked with Department of Communication and Research (DECORE) at Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) as Assistant Project Co-ordinator in "MoEF-UNEP-GEF" Capacity Building project on Biosafety. She was actively involved in project management - planning, designing, developing, executing, co-ordinating; analyzed work plans and strategies, content development; devised themes and schedule for capacity building workshops and project related ventures. She organized 2 National and 7 Regional media workshops on "Communicating Science and Biosafety" for media professionals in various regions of the country and 2 special workshops for IIS Group-A and Group-B officers at IIMC. She was also associated with various Community Radio stations to develop programmes & quiz shows on bio safety.

Dr.Rasmi holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. She has worked in close contact with industry and regulatory bodies to bring out a firm policy and strategic program for sustainable industrialization in Puducherry region. She has developed a conceptual Eco-industrial Park (EIP) model based on 6Rs technologies for a selected group of potential industries. She has also worked in short-term projects on Environmental protection, conservation, and Urban Sustainability. Her core specialization includes Industrial Ecology and Sustainability related themes, especially Waste Management, Eco-industrial Park, Clean/Green technologies, Industrial safety and Environmental management. She has presented in various national and international seminars, conferences. She contributed to book chapters, journals, project reports, training manuals etc.
Organized several orientation programmes and delivered talks on green business, integrated waste management, sustainability tools & strategies and safety and environmental management concepts.