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Past Events

  • Advanced professional programme on Competition law for CCI officers held on 22-26 September, 2009

  • Basic Appreciation Course on Competition Law for officers of Central Government/Departments and Regulators held on 25-27 October, 2010

  • IICA - George Washington University (GWU) Roundtable on Facilitating Corporate Growth through Enlightened Regulation held on 14th December, 2012

  • MOU with National Law School of India University, Bengaluru, 28th December 2012

  • IICA - CCI - OECD Two-day Training Course on Competition Assessment, 22-23 January, 2013

  • Sector Studies and Roundtable on Infusion of Competition in Indian Economy, 12th March 2013

  • Consultation Meeting on Curriculum for Long-term Courses, 10th May, 2013

  • Two-day Residential Training Course for Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), August 2-3, 2013

  • IICA School of Competition Law & Market Regulation Case Study Series

  • IICA School of Competition Law & Market Regulation Working Paper Series

  • Roundtable on Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Framework on the Anvil of Competition Law on November 16, 2013 for Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas

  • Two-day Residential Training Course on Regulation and Competition for Telecom Sector, 18 - 19 November, 2013

  • Training Workshop: Competition Law & High-Tech Markets held on December 20, 2013 at IICA Campus, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

  • IICA Antitrust Programme For Young Fellows 2014: (i) Antitrust Writing Contest; and (ii) Antitrust Summer School on July 1-5, 2014 at IICA Campus, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon

  • Doordarshan Series on Competition Law & Common Man

  • Roundtable on Competition Investigations & Merger Review in the Healthcare Industry on 25th September, 2014 at Scope Complex, New Delhi

  • Three Month Certificate Course in Competition Law, October - December, 2014

  • Workshop on Designing the Antitrust and Merger Remedies on December 3, 2014 at Seminar Hall 3, India International Centre, New Delhi

  • Talk on High-Tech Industries and Antitrust Analysis on 3rd March, 2014 at Seminar Hall 3, India International Centre, New Delhi

  • Customised Training Programme for field staff of Heidelberg Cements India Limited, Gurgaon. Online Sessions held on 11th & 18th March, 2015, In-person session held on 14th March, 2015 at Lucknow and 21st March, 2015 at Bhopal

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