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A Brief About Activities Undertaken

Over a period of time, it has been observed that unbalanced management skills in micro, small and medium enterprises are a major cause for early sickness and non-performance in the MSME sector. One of the effective ways to address strategic issues which are faced by MSMEs, is to have an ongoing process of productive stakeholders consultation for sustainable development. The core of the development is the urge for working together.

Sustainable development demands continuous dialogue and close cooperation among the private sector, industry associations, suppliers, consumers, civil society groups, development partners, Government and non-government organizations. Participative learning needs facilitations among the stakeholders.

For achieving the objective of stakeholders consultation, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA)through its Centre for MSME intends to operate through a multilevel and a multi-stakeholder approach to ensure capacity building at both ends : at the government level as well as at the industries.

Present Infrastructure with organization

Areas of Operations

Centre for MSME has identified ten (10) key areas for sharing knowledge and capacity building of MSME stakeholders:

(1) Business and Financial Management

(2) Leadership and Good Governance

(3) MSME Management,

(4) Export Management,

(5) Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Global Competitiveness,

(6) Labour Laws: Compliance Issues, Reforms & Challenges

(7) Contract Management (mainly pertaining to procurement of goods and services by Central Ministries and PSUs)

(8) Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for MSMEs

(9) Business Process Led Innovation for MSMEs

(10) Start-ups (Enterprise) India growth.

About Capacity Building workshops

  • Centre for MSME, an integral part of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) offers a unique platform for Indian SMEs and international professionals to cross fertilize their experiences and ideas in developmental training, sharing knowledge and capacity building.

  • The Centre for MSME has already trained entrepreneurs and professionals covering both public & private corporations comprising managing directors, leadership of MSMEs, renowned captains of chambers of commerce & industry, exporters, bankers, senior officers of central and state government agencies and top ranked academicians.

  • The success of our various programmes and workshops owes to the active participation of various stakeholders such as Ministry & its constituent institutions, Central & State PSUs, DC-Handicrafts, DC-Handlooms, DC-MSME, NSIC, Ministry of Science & Technology, BSE-SME, National Stock Exchange, Department of Industries & Commerce of various State Governments, Financial Institutions, MSME Associations, International Organizations like ZDH/SEQUA, GIZ, IGEP Foundation etc.

  • Our Workshops are designed to be very limited, to allow for close interactions among the participants and allow focus on individual queries as well.

  • The measures undertaken for the Centre for MSME are envisioned for:

  • Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and delivery of the change agents - Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Associations & Federations of Business Organizations and Development organizations i.e. support organizations engaged in development of MSMEs by designing & delivering high value knowledge support /services to the SME sector and its stakeholders across various industry sectors for effective business sustainability of MSMEs.

  • Increasing the outreach of activities of the Centre for MSME through collaborative activities with various stakeholders such as Ministry of MSME & its constituent institutions, DC-Handicrafts, DC-Handlooms, DC-MSME, NSIC, DGS&D, Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Industrial Policy and promotion (DIPP), NID, BSE-SME, National Stock Exchange (NSE), Department of Industries & Commerce of various State Governments, Financial Institutions, MSME Associations, International Organizations like ZDH/SEQUA, GIZ, UNIDO, IGEP Foundation etc.

  • Support in development of programs aimed at sensitizing the Policy makers, Chamber Development, Business membership organization(Industry Associations) and key MSME stakeholders towards the IICA initiatives for the Development of course content and training programs aimed at capacity building for the MSMEs stakeholders, various project partners and develop action plan for capacity building.