National Guidelines 2018 (Draft) for Public Comments   Swacch Bharat Summer Internship (SBSI) Participate in the Fight against Corruption - Take Integrity Pledge.


  1. To develop and establish a new discipline of ‘Corporate Affairs’ for holistic treatment of matters impacting on corporate functioning and provide instruction and capacity building in the subject to a wide range of stakeholders drawn from the government, regulators, professionals and public.
  2. To establish the Academy for the Indian Corporate Law Service for training and capacity building of officials of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and its attached bodies and organizations;
  3. To provide special focus on ethical corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, inclusive growth and sustainable development with emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship in SME’s;
  4. To provide a platform to the Government, business, academia, professionals, and civil society to converge and interact to enable responsible corporate governance.
  5. To act as a Think-Tank to advise Government on various issues impacting corporate functioning including e-governance initiatives;
  6. To take up action research, consultancy, incubation, hand-holding and problem-solving to enable innovative governance solutions for inclusive growth and entrepreneurial excellence with focus on ethical business management practices.
  7. To establish partnerships with other Universities, educational and capacity building institutions and think tanks for sharing of knowledge expertise and taking up joint programmes for capacity building for responsible corporate governance, regulation and inclusive growth.